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About Us

Who we are?

Brief History of the Company:

Abdullah Bin Talib Co. for Swimming Pools is one of leading companies in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, licensed by Ministry of Commerce. Abdullah bin Talib Co. is specialized in swimming pools where the name of Bin Talib has emerged since thirty years ago from experience, success and trust. The assets of Abdullah Bin Talib Co. belonging to swimming pools where it returns to 1983 when the ambition and dedication of one person began to take a clear image through his talent in selling and marketing. Abdullah Bin Talib (May Allah Be Mercy with Him) has opened his first branch in Malaz Area in Riyadh, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and through his eagerness he has gained the confidence and distinction in the skill of providing all swimming pools equipment, and his perfectness has attracted the customers from all over the country the thing that led to significance increasing in demand, and his approach has led Mr. Hamid Abdullah Bin Talib to expand his plans in business so as to accommodate the increasing demand, where he enjoys a great deal of enthusiasm and commitment to his job, and within the framework of seeking the confidence and distinction he has traveled to all over the world searching about a source of the best quality of international equipment in this field. In subsequent years Abdullah Bin Talib Co. for swimming pools has become more famous so as to be one of the most reliable names in the field of swimming pools, since its beginning the company announced the opening of its branches in most of Kingdom of Saudi Arabia regions, the company has gained an admirable success in the field of swimming pools and then it is spread in Arab world and in the Middle East. Today, it is one of the biggest specialized companies in the world of swimming pools that provide the most luxurious and high quality. In 2011, Abdullah bin Talib Co. for Swimming Pools directed to Arab United of Emirates where it was opened its first branch outside the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia in Sharjah, and the company now passing through phases for expansion as enhancement for its position with the biggest companies in the Kingdom, now it is reached to Arab communities in outside market by its good products, works and services, in addition to the approved clients outside the Kingdom. The company has gained vast leaps to rebound its products from quality by international standards and competitive prices. The company depends on its successful business >

Firstly: we must devote our efforts and to perform our work perfectly

Secondly: depending on distinguished and guaranteed equipment in terms of high performance and safety i.e. high quality is our logo and we would not neglect subsequent distinguished services for selling process and fittings that done by maintenance department, and desalination and purification of water in the company.

Thirdly: it is the most important point that represents in depending on specialized engineers and well trained technicians on the highest level to execute the works where the employees and technicians of Abdullah Bin Talib Trading and Industry Co. have confirmed exceptional capabilities through executing what the others failed to execute, where the company used to attract cadres of high competences since its foundation, and we are very careful in quality whereas the continuous control and investigations through entire working phases whether during installation or maintenance up to delievering of the project to the customer, therefore, and after more than 45 years from humble beginning for the company, we become engaging a distinguished position among the leading companies in swimming pools.


The head office of the company is in Riyadh city, where the mail local operations are performed in each of (Jeddah, Alkhubar, Onaiza, Buraidah, Abha and Aljouf) in order the company to enhance its rapid attendance and to match its ambitious plans for expansion through developing company's infrastructure, sale centers, services and branches in all over the Kingdom, the thing that gives us the opportunity to response effectively to the customers' demands in all of Kingdom's provinces. Existing of head office in Riyadh with several other important main facilities in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia, this region is considered as a launching base and success of its international operations. There are distributors for the company in Cairo, and distribution center in Sudan, Yemen, Kuwait, Doha, Manama, Masqat, Islamabad, Austria and Denmark.

Founders and Board of Directors

The Board of Directors, the administrative team and CEO of the company are currently headed by Mr. Hamid Abdullah Bin Talib, and the company supervised by the Board of Directors that including six members and the administrative chart for the operations of Abdullah Bin Talib Co. for Swimming Pools is consisting six strategic working units that headed by vice executive president who are as the following: general manager for Financial Affairs Sector, General manager for Resources Sector, General Manager for Fittings Sector (electromechanical), General Manager for maintenance, water desalination and purification sector, General Manager of Sales Sector, General Manager for Strategic Administration Sector and business development.

Our Mission

Corroboration of our identity in both local and international market by our registered trademark through providing our high quality services and by our distinction using the best modern technologies and the best well-trained human resources with great experiences in the field of swimming pools. Providing high quality and distinguished products professionally and precisely in the field of swimming pools, and trying to provide all customers requirements passionately, skillfully and perfectly with complete commitment to insure what is matching customers' demands where the ambition and dedication of Abdullah bin Talib Co. for swimming pools have taken an expansive form in the working field and it is directed to include various and distinguished categories of goods and products that reach to more than 8000brand in order to meet all desires and capabilities and to fulfill the required objectives such as the geographical coverage for all over the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and Arab Gulf, applying the best and most précised international standards and specifications, customers satisfaction from all governmental authorities, constructive companies and individuals by gaining the best quality of services with suitable and competitive prices and costs, and to diversify its products in what is required in the market, advancement and development without cessation.

Our Vision

In order to be a favorable leading Arabic company in the field of swimming pools, in Abdullah Bin Talib Company for swimming pools we are seeking to reach to distinction, sophistication and creativity in quality of our products in order to attract a large segment of customers, satisfying all tastes and meeting the markets' needs, and to fulfill this aim we are devoting special efforts through all phases that performed by all departments in the company so as to reach to the greatest Arabic representation in this field and from vision to value, by having long-term relationships that based on constructive cooperation, and our desire in this cooperation which put (Abdullah Bin Talib Swimming Pools Co.) in a distinguished position in the field of its industry and we build our relations on understanding the challenges that facing customers, whether big or small, and we are aware of what is important and provide the effective responses and solutions in terms of cost.

Our message, objectives and directions

Providing high quality products and services through innovation and superiority in our operating processes, with fulfilling the aspirations of all sectors that dealing with us.

• Raising to the highest quality standards, professional performance and skill of our staff

• Carry out high quality projects within and outside the Kingdom.

• Pioneering in providing customers by technical creative consultations and solutions

• Development and accession to the highest moral and professional levels during performing our commercial businesses.

• Taking care of customer, meeting his requisitions and exceeding his expectations

• Providing the customers by suitable products and services for their needs in less costs and highest level of quality.

• To be "a preferable partner" for our customers

• Building fruitful long-term relation with all our customers basing on our principles

• Development of strong loyalty to us by our customers and strategic partners (success partners) in addition to suppliers


Basic Values

In Abdullah Bin Talib Company for swimming pools we have chosen seven basic values with little letters and significant meanings which are:

1. Quality and teamwork spirit

2. Honor and creativity

3. Persistence and achievement.

4. Commitment and distinguished service.

5. Eagerness and ambition.

6. Impartiality and transparency.

7. Integrity and credibility.

Our Performance

Whereas we use the most modernized technologies, and this is the best way for expressing our performance standards. Abdullah Bin Talib Swimming Pools Co. is proud by its integration, specially that it has selected the highest standards in relation to the commercial practices, safety and environment care, and we will never abandon these level and our vision is complete by our commitment by keeping our leading position in the field of swimming pools and our commitment to secure all that required by this field from technologies and developments, and we believe in our capability to make the difference whenever we practice our works in innovation and projects, and we are precedents in solving all problems in relation to this field, and we consider that these are our responsibilities towards our customers, and through the last years Abdullah Bin Talib Swimming Pools Co. has constructed a high level operating infrastructure that owned a great deal of knowledge and competency. These competency and technology the employees enjoy are giving them a leading position in Saudi market. Moreover, our encouragement for our employees to exert more efforts still playing an important role in formulation of company's future, and what we possess in Abdullah Bin Talib Swimming Pools Co. from competency, reconnaissance and innovation are the factors that helped in gaining today's success, and it is also helping us in specifying the landmarks of tomorrow in order to meet our customers' wishes. The best way through which we can describe the prospective vision of the company is that exposed by "the strategic objective which is adopted by the company that leads to change the company to a leading joint-venture and integrated company in the field of swimming pools, the company adopts a morally strategic creative thought and future visions that aiming to stabilize renewable developmental philosophy in terms of developing and supporting swimming pools industry locally by international ambition, that is by playing a leading role and adopting new visions for the market in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia and to recognize customers' requirements and wishes, seeking to reach to the highest level of their expectations, and revising and analyzing the way of performing our works continuously and to find suitable ways to achieve them in distinguished deliberated way and to remain on touch with our partners of success to show them new developments of our works and projects and to show innovative products that matching with growing demand and consistent with current and futures expectations for customers.

Our Achievements

In Abdullah Bin Talib Swimming Pools Co. we are distinguished from other by our unique products that imported from biggest international companies whereas the company is a sole agent in Middle East for the biggest International Companies and it has taken us to fulfill great achievements throughout the past years such as: We provide special designing service, through which the customers can request to create and design swimming pools, lakes, waterfalls and fountains, and through this service we have attracted customers from famous persons.

Facts and Figures

Basing on the fulfilled achievements throughout the years in the field of swimming pools, we are looking for our customers participation and to read certain facts and figures:

1. Abdullah Bin talib Swimming Pools Co. is one of the biggest companies in the field of swimming pools in the Kingdom where it has more than thirty years of experience.

2. It has more than 8000 types of products and brands through which it is trying to meet all desires and capabilities.

3. It has more than 25000 customer in its different departments. It has conducted the works of biggest projects locally and externally.

4. It has conducted the works of biggest projects locally and externally.

Exhibitions we have participated in

2015  Riyadh Exhibtion, Saudi built 

2013  Jeddah Exhibition, Kingdom of Saudi Arabia

2013  Cairo Exhibition – Arab Republic of Egypt

2012  Qatar Exhibition

2010  Cairo Exhibition, Arab Republic of Egypt:

2010  Dubai Exhibition, UAE:

2008  Istanbul Exhibition, Turkey

2008 Cairo Exhibition, Arab Republic of Egypt

2006  Leon Exhibition, France

2006  Dubai Exhibition, UAE

2004  Dubai Exhibition, UAE

Certificates We Have Obtained

1. ISO9001 for 2008.

Our Factory

Basing on strategic plans upon which Abdullah Bin Talib Swimming Pools Co. work in order to access to new markets around the world and to get benefit from significance growth in swimming pools sector, and for keeping pace with increasing that took place in its branches and numerousness of its products where Abdullah Bin Talib Swimming Pools Co. has opened its first factory (Shaheen Factory for swimming pools equipment) in second industrial city not only in Kingdom of Saudi Arabia but also in Middle East which is special for company productions since about 15 years where the company has been equipped by the most modernized machines special for manufacturing swimming pools equipment and what it makes available from high quality products which the customer has ever seen by himself so as to know its real value and the extent development that Shaheen Factory achieved for swimming pools equipment each period, the factory has led the direction of the company for producing some new unprecedented products such as special manufacturing according to desire and design of customers, where the factory has produced many brands and various products that gained a great success. Shaheen Factory for swimming pools equipments always cares of providing the highest degree of quality for its products where it has bought modern machines special for manufacturing after comparing all types available in international market to be sure of gaining the highest levels of quality in production which enabled the production management to be committed with very high quality standards that qualified the factory to obtain ISO9001 certificate. The factory produces for another companies other than Abdullah Bin Talib Swimming Pools Co. although in the beginning the factory was restricted its production to cover the company requirements if the administration sees the importance of this step.

Work on partnership base

Abdullah Bin Talib Swimming Pools Co. has adopted a unique way for participations in successes, and it is a model for commercial and industrial advancement, furthermore, it forms a basic strategy for development of its works, where it has established most of its business and trade in participating the products of selected group of international successful companies which have the most modernized technology data.

Environment, Health, Safety and Security

Abdullah Bin Talib Swimming Pools Co. is committed to keep the highest standards of environment, health, safety and security in all company sections and facilities, this includes all entities and companies that affiliated to it, in addition to the parties and authorities that dealing with it. And we are looking forward to apply the best criteria in carry out all operations in a way that exceeding all expectations. Moreover, we are seeking to deepening this understanding for all those working in favor of or with Abdullah Bin Talib Swimming Pools Co. Accordance with this ambition, we belief in necessity of instant, complete and transparent report about any cases of unresponsiveness to company's requirements or obligations. Our policy for environment, health, safety and security provides a general direction to the company with its different sectors, and it is form the base that moving our efforts and leading to success.

Our Branches

Qlquds Branch - Riyadh

Ghurab Market Branch - Jeddah

Abha Branch

Alkhubar Branch

Onayza Branch - Qassim

Buraidah Branch - Qassim

Sakaka Branch - Aljouf

OBHUR Branch - Jeddah

Almalaz Branch - Riyadh

Almursalat Branch - Riyadh

Alolaya Branch - Riyadh

Alsuwaidi Branch - Riyadh

Altakhasusi Branch - Riyadh

Alsahafa Branch - Riyadh

Althumama Branch - Riyadh

Hiraa St Branch - Jeddah