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Repairing Workshop

The mission of this department lays in maintenance and repairing process for all types of pumps and heaters special for swimming pools and steam devices.


Construction And New Pool

The sector enjoys by working team from specialized pricing engineers, project manager, quality controllers with capability to carry out several types of projects, starting from successful installation and up to operating and final delivery. The strategy of this sector depends on studying and meeting customers' requirements where this strategy bases on two provisions represented in quality and customer satisfaction, installations in the company is a vital part of company's activities where the sector executes the biggest projects whether in governmental sector or private sector where the installations sector in the company provides its respectable customers with several services such as detailed engineering designs, supplying and managing projects, as well as the works of checkup, synthesis and standardization in our responsibility and commitment to deliver the projects within specified deadline, where the installations department in the company deals with the most modernized technologies and systems in the field of customers relations management from organizing times schedule movement in order to complete installation process within previously specified deadlines according to studying the requirements of each project, the department also possesses a group of giant storehouses with very large storing capacity and quipped by the most modernized technologies, the thing that leads to providing all requirements of projects from materials easily and at any possible time which helps us to quickly achieve the project in suitable time, moreover, the department uses customers communication services to provide them by any new developments and about the deadlines planned for the visits and that prescribed for each of installation phases, the company also cooperates with major international companies and factories that supplying the products.


The tasks of this department lay in maintenance process in its different types from periodical or contingent maintenance, and we have executed several maintenance projects in governmental and private sectors. Where the department has working team from specialists, technicians and quality controllers who are able to execute maintenance works for several types of projects starting from cleaning by the most modernized equipment and secured chemicals that supervised by a team of chemists in the company. Maintenance department in the company is an important part of company activities where this sector is dealing with major projects whether in governmental or private sectors where the maintenance sector in the company provides its respectable customers by several services such as technical and detailed consultations, training and implementation on cleaning systems of the customer according to his requirement, as well as checkup and standardization works with our responsibility and commitment by the specified deadline for each periodical visit according to the specified deadlines for each customer where the maintenance department in the company is dealing with the most modernized technologies and systems in the field of customers relations management from organizing the deadlines movement to complete maintenance process within the specified and planned deadlines for each customer, this sector bases on well-advised and developed administrative system in its performance and it is the foundation for quality performance in the department the thing that enabling implementation of international standards in maintenance process, and the sector is obliged to provide the customers with good services according to international principles and criteria and there is a squadron of vehicles and technicians for this department throughout most of Kingdom regions through which the operations are achieved quickly and in anywhere within the Kingdom.


Water Desalination

You can contact us in order to obtain any type of service from water treatment plants so as to be assisted through our specialists and from missions department:
- Maintenance: our work scope is to perform maintenance task on any technology of water treatment and you can also contact us for maintenance operation on old equipment.
 Installation: a technician or an engineer is to be sent for installation, fixing and supervising installation process.
 Consultations: providing specialized consultations for the customers in the site, carry up field analysis and testing in the site according to request.
Training: we would provide you by one of specialized technicians or engineers in order to provide you by technical training or general courses whether in our location or on the ground.
Transportation, packing and lamination: any of equipment is to be delivered to all over the kingdom and outside it, which is securely loaded for shipment.
Please contact us for more information.
Department's Categories:
1. Housing.
2. Commercial.
3. Industrial.

Fiberglass Swimming pools

We pleased to provide maximum degree of service in the field of Fiberglass Swimming Pools , and you can contact us through Fiberglass officer.