Civil Works

We provide swimming pool building services that include repairs, renovations and the latest equipment. These services provided by a team of specialized engineers, project managers and quality controllers from successful establishment to operation and final handover.


Electromechanical Works  

We provide water pipes and power lines works to the swimming pool where a group of specialized engineers and technicians are provided and implemented these services.



To maintain the swimming pools or sauna rooms and steam bath require constant maintenance and attention to detail so we provided the latest maintenance services with high efficiency and extensive experience, which is supervised by a team of experienced engineers. Our services also cover the maint ........

Sauna and Steam Rooms  

We implement Sauna rooms from the floor to the sauna equipment, including heaters, wood, and control tools. We offer you our professional consultant from electricity supply to ventilation to flooring by visiting our website



We are proud to be the first company in the Kingdom to manufacture fiberglass pools with tiles. It is the latest ready-made swimming pools that have been designed and manufactured under the supervision of a specialized team. We provide all these services to our clients to meet their needs.


Water Laboratory  

To ensure that the pH and alkalinity remain balanced and to keep the water clear, you will need to test the pool water if the pool is used frequently and each time you add chemicals.


Water Laboratory Table

Desalination and water purification  

The investment of various water sources requires maintaining its quality and optimal use of it, so we have all the technical capabilities to desalinate and purify water, whatever its source