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stainless steel ladder - mixed

3 models (Standard,Anti-Slip,Plastic)

Available in Corrosion Resistance AISI 304 (X5CrNi18-10) and AISI 316 (X5CrNiMo17-12-2). 
Suitable for private pools and overflow channels application.
Bright polished and top quality stainless steel tubes 43mm dia. (1.69 inches).
Different Tread styles are available to meet specific preferences and requirements. 
Three different kinds of treads which are two styles from stainless and one from heavy duty (UV protected) plastic.
Stainless steel, anti-slip steps with non-slip plastic and standard steps with curved surface.
Plastic steps, made of ABS (weatherproof).
Supplied with accessories rubber bumpers, fixing anchors, escutcheon plates and stainless steel fasteners for simple trouble free installation