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Product Details

Sand Filter

Side Mounted

Suitable for residential Swimming Pools, Commercial Spas, Aquarium, Fountains and Water Features, etc…
Sand Gold and Sand Silver economical operation on Efficient Filtration.فلتر رملي
Non-Corrosive Polyester-Fiberglass Composite construction with smooth attractive finish (BLUE Color), equiped with side mounted 6 way multiport valve.
High quality materials and workmanship assures long service life.
Polyester Gel-Coat interior coated for superior corrosion resistance to pool
Internal filter system composed of hydraulically balanced upper distribution system and lower collection system. Filter shall be provided with air release valve, pressure gauge and bottom drain to discharge the water and sand.
Plastic made LID (CLOSURE) fixed with Rubber gasket and Stainless 316 fasteners.

Maximum operating pressure  2.5 bar
Maximum temperature 50°C 
Maximum velocity 50m³/hr/m²